Hey there, I’m Harry Roberts.  I am a web developer and type nerd from the UK. Enthusiastic, passionate and often outspoken, I am a writer, designer and member of Smashing Magazine’s Experts Panel. I Tweet at @csswizardry.

Me on stage at Front-Trends Me on stage at Front-Trends 2012. Photo by Rachel Andrew

Harry Roberts—owner of CSS Wizardry, author of Web Design+, creator of Typogridphy.

Self taught over the last four years, I specialise in HTML(5), CSS(3), progressive enhancement, typography, accessibility, usability, semantics, web standards, UX, UI, mobile and more. I write here at the industry-recognised CSS Wizardry, I am a web developer and a habitual tinkerer with all things build.

Passionate about building websites correctly, accessibility, ethics and best practices, I voice opinions and share knowledge through various channels. I tweet at @csswizardry where, if you like geeky web things, you should follow me. I write articles and have a raft of resources I have written for developers of all types.

I have pioneered techniques such as designing-in-the-browser and an aggressive approach to progressive enhancement as well as truly lean development techniques. I love the web and I love doing it properly. Why not read my Curriculum Vitae?

Oh, I also bounce around on a bike with no seat…

Hi there, I am Harry Roberts. I am a 21 year old web developer from the UK. I Tweet and write about web standards, typography, best practices and everything in between. You should browse and search my archives and follow me on Twitter, 7,791 people do.

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